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On the day you move in please complete the tenants inventory provided and return a copy to the office to keep on your file. Should you not be satisfied with the cleanliness of your property this must be reported to the office immediately so we can ensure everything is done to your satisfaction. We will not cover the cost of any cleaning not undertaken by our staff.

Please contact Manchester City Council to register yourself as resident with the Council Tax Department(this also applies to students even though exempt from payment). Please contact United Utilities Water Plc to ensure they have received the confirmation letter that you are resident at the property and are to be billed from your tenancy start date for the water supply.

Do not be concerned if you do not have a water meter. The company will assess your property for rateable value in order to charge for your water supply. Take meter readings for your gas and electricity supplies and also make a note of the meter serial number.

These details will be required when you contact an energy supplier of your choice to continue the provision of these supplies to your property.


Should you wish to find out the current supplier of your gas please call:
National Grid 0870 608 1524

Should you wish to find out the current supplier of your electricity please call:
ENWL 0870 751 0093

United Utilities Waters Plc: 08457 462 200


Main control room for local police 0161 872 5050
Emergencies 999
Non Emergencies 101

Telephone the 24-hour emergency service for stopping gas escapes on
0800 111 999

If you smell gas or think you may have a gas leak, Transco provides the following advice:
DON’T smoke or strike matches
DON’T turn electrical switches on or off
DO put out naked flames
DO open doors and windows
DO keep people away from the area affected and if necessary vacate the building
DO turn off the meter at the control valve
Please also inform a member of staff immediately after calling Transco to assist you with the situation.

Telephone for electric emergencies 0800 195 4141

Telephone for water emergencies 08457 462 200


You are required to obtain adequate Contents Insurance to cover your personal belongings.

In the event of a burglary or any damage (i.e. power loss, leaks etc) personal belongings are not covered byour insurance and we will not be held liable for the cost.


Should you require any maintenance or repairs at the property, report them via email or phone to the office as soon as possible. All repairs reported are recorded and allocated a job number which we can give to you for your records if required.

The job will then be passed on to the relevant member of our team or our contractors accordingly.We shall do our very best to visit your property the same or next day in order to inspect and / or undertake the necessary repair/s.

Upon making your report please inform staff if you wish to be present when our workmen or contractors visit your property, however, we are not able to confirm a specific time only which day we are able to call.


It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that they correctly dispose of any household waste. All rubbish must be suitably bagged and put into the wheelie bin provided by Manchester City Council. Bins are to be placed at the elected collection point the evening prior to collection or early in the morning on the day of collection and then must be brought back in again after collection.

Rubbish left in the yard or garden of the property may result in a notice under the Prevention of Damage by Pest Act 1949 being served.

If there is not a wheelie bin at the property when your tenancy begins or should it go missing please telephone Manchester City Council Operational Services Department on 0161 954 9000 to request a new one.

When your tenancy is coming to an end there may be many unwanted items, including bulky items which you may wish to throw away. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are correctly disposed of.To arrange collection of any unwanted items or large amounts of refuse please call Manchester City Council Environment On-Call on 0161 954 9000 or text 86099.

Failure to comply could result in prosecution under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


Rent payments are due in full on the 1st of each month in advance. It is your responsibility to ensure your payments are made on time and check with your bank that payment has left your bank account.

Charges will be applied for late payment (payments received after the 9th of each month) and stopped or uncleared payments. Should you have financial difficulties and are unable to make your rent payment on the due date you are required to advise a member of staff immediately. We can then help and make a suitable payment arrangement for you to avoid charges being applied.

We shall make every effort to contact you by telephone, text, letter and email to advise that payment has not been received. However, we can only do this if you contact us to advise any changes to your contact numbers i.e. mobile, work, home.

If you do not respond to payment requests within 3 working days then you will be charged accordingly for additional costs required in order to collect payments due.


Standard tenancy agreements are for a minimum fixed term of 6 months (student tenancies are for a minimum of 12 months).

Should you wish to vacate the property at the end of your fixed term contract you must submit one months notice in writing to the office prior to vacating the property.

If your contract is out of the fixed term and has lapsed to a periodic agreement one months written notice can be submitted at any time. The agreement cannot be determined during the fixed term of the contract.


Please ensure that you contact all relevant parties to ensure they have note of your change of address prior to vacating the property.

You may wish to use the Royal Mail re-direction service to ensure that you received any correspondence which may still go to the property.

Please redirect all mail for the previous occupants to the office or mark return to sender and put back in the post box.


Please ensure all of the following are completed.

1) Make all rent payments due in full.
2) Remove all personal belongings / effects from the property.
3) Ensure that the property if left clean and tidy throughout and all household refuse and / or unwanted items are correctly disposed of.
4) All keys for the property must be returned to the office.
5) Take final meter readings on the day you vacate the property. Phone the readings through to your suppliers. Copies of the final bills with payment receipt or proof of transfer for gas, electricity,
water, council tax and telephone must be submitted to the office.

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